About Us

We design, build, and manage high-performing websites for businesses.

Our Story

Charley Grey opened their doors in 2006. Back then, we focused on helping businesses attract new customers by elevating their brand visually through strong, modern design efforts. The visual branding concept is still here, but since then we have turned fully digital. We design and develop websites that attract, engage, and convert potential online customers into actual paying customers. Our primary focus is through the implementation of organic SEO – enabling our clients to stay on top of search results around their industry and location.

Our Team

Our team is filled with entrepreneurs, artists, storytellers, and web geniuses. Most of the employees at our web agency wear multiple hats and love every minute of it. We pride ourselves in creating a professional work environment that enables our employees to have an optimal work/life balance. Our team members are all local to the Indianapolis, IN area and are equal participants to every project we deliver.

courtney boyer charley grey

Courtney Boyer

Owner of Charley Grey and Inspirational Enthusiast

Courtney is a business owner, mom, world traveler, dot connector, problem solver, and Enneagram junkie. In 2006, she left corporate America and her full-time accounting job to raise her daughter, Charley, and start her own company. The experience of owning her own business paved the way for what Charley Grey is known for today – a managed web and digital marketing agency.

She is currently continuing her education and working towards her Masters in Positive Psychology. In her spare time, Courtney enjoys cooking, hot yoga, traveling, and spontaneous adventures with her two children – Charley and Grey.

Want to have coffee with Courtney and see if a managed website is a good fit for you? Contact her at hello@charleygrey.com.

Sean Sewell

Sr. Web Designer / Business Development

Sean graduated with a degree in Business Management from Huntington University. He has been part of the Charley Grey team since 2015 and has been a vital contributor to the recent growth of our company. He helped spearhead the development of the managed website plans that we currently use today. In addition, he has helped develop the internal processes of the company, acquisition strategies, employee onboarding, and is now a senior web designer. He is passionate about helping our clients grow on the digital front.

Sean is the proud Dad of a beautiful 2-year-old named Adeline. When he isn’t working, you will find him at a local playground or splash park.

Jenny Boling

Account Manager

Jenny has experience in a variety of areas within the business and marketing sector. Her expertise expands from sales and promotional products to publishing, content creation, and marketing strategies. She has earned the reputation of being a well-organized individual with good communication and a strong written word. Jenny relishes in the efforts of helping businesses market whatever it is they are offering so that they have more time to focus on their mission and client growth.

Jenny finds happiness in cooking, spending time with her family, working out, and having living room dance parties with her family of 5.

Alisha Blankenship

Graphic Designer

Alisha joined the Charley Grey team in 2017. After learning that she went to college full time and worked full time, all while purchasing a new home, we knew that this girl had a drive. Throughout her years in marketing, she has worked with clients small and large. Her unique style and use of typography enable her to stand out from the crowd, helping make all the pieces work together.

Alisha is a self-proclaimed dog lover and proud dog mom to her two fur babies: a 12-year-old English Black Lab, and a 17-year-old Peek-a-Poo (a Pekinese Poodle).

Chelsie Doster

Jr. Web Designer / Content Manager / SEO Strategist

Chelsie recently graduated with a degree in Kinesiology. Through health blogging, she discovered her passion for all things web related including website development, content writing and everything in between. She prides herself on having a sharp eye for the small details, a knack for problem-solving, and a way with words. Chelsie has a passion for helping the senior web developer create beautiful websites coupled with written content that generates leads.

Fueled by her passion for learning, Chelsie spends most of her free time bettering herself: mind, body, and soul. And since words are her art, she loves to spend time doing just that: writing.

charley grey copy writer

Daniel DeBoni

Content Strategist

Danny and three of his fellow high school classmates established their school’s first business-marketing club. This unique opportunity gave him his first hands-on experience applying his creative ideas, leading advertising and marketing campaigns, social media, logo design, producing video and print advertisements, and market research. He utilizes non-traditional methods of communication and design to connect with audiences.

Known for his track and field skills, Danny has set records all across Indiana. He also ran Big 10 track at Indiana University for one of the nations most elite Track & Field programs and graduated from the Universities newly established Media School in 2017.

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